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Kneaded Energy-Corporate Culture

Humor – We love to have fun at work.  We will continue to see humor and sarcasm, in a safe and non judgmental way.  We are able to laugh at ourselves.  We enjoy and appreciate life.

Integrity – We represent ourselves and our skills honestly.  We will do what we say we will do. 

Abundance – Everything happens as it should, and when it should.  We will not operate out of scarcity.  We believe there is enough massage business to go around and we will share that business with as many massage therapists as we can.

Commitment – We are committed to the vision, mission, culture and success of Kneaded Energy and its team.   We believe in what we are doing and will give 110% to succeed. 

Education – We want to be the best.  We want to learn, grow and be knowledgeable so that we can help our clients and our team.  We will, through our knowledge, make Kneaded Energy a success.  We will give our clients accurate information that is within our scope of practice in everything we do.

Customer Service – We understand that we are in a service business.  Our clients are the reason for our success. We put them first.  Our employees are also the reason for our success.  We want to keep them happy. Since we have balance in our lives, we are comfortable being flexible.  We built our business on saying “YES” and then always delivering more than expected.

Congruency – We are a model of congruence to our clients. We bring a sense of calm and balance to our clients just by our presence.  We will remember that who we are outside of Kneaded Energy is viewed by our clients and it is what makes us successful therapists. 

Gratitude – We are living the life of our dreams.  We are doing what we want to do.  We want our employees to feel at home here and to be excited to be a part of this business.  We are grateful to be able to do this work and we appreciate all that we have. 

Communication –We actively listen to the needs of our clients. We know that client retention is based on client respect and meeting their needs. We also actively listen to the needs of our employees.  We will always speak positively about our team and Kneaded Energy in public. We understand and honor client confidentiality. 

Systems – Although we are all individuals, we respect the need for consistency.  We appreciate systems and will suggest system changes first rather than people changes.  When mistakes or problems arise, we look to the system first to discover the breakdown of consistency.  We hold our employees accountable to maintain the system.

Success – We are successful people.  Our therapists are successful people.  We represent our success with our sense of ease.  We do not feel the need to be afraid or respond out of fear.  It is our intention to win and allow others to win.