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Student Clinic 

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Welcome to the School of Massage
Student Clinic Classroom Lab


To Book in the Student Clinic/Lab, please call the school office at 336.235.3997 and mention "Student Clinic".  Each month, we open the schedule, based on what students can work. 

When you call, have your CREDIT CARD ready.  You must prepay, $30 for a 50-60 minute massage or $50 for 80-90 minute massage. Your prepayments are considered donations to our school program and taxes are paid on these funds.  

If you no show to your appointment, you lose your credit.  If you call to move your appointment and/or cancel your appointment with at least a 24 notice, we place your funds as "a credit to your account, at the school" to be booked and used at another time that is convenient for you.  We do not issue refunds.  

The Student Clinic/Lab is open to the public.  The Clinic/Lab is the student's required Classroom Lab experience.  You are basically a lab subject.  You are allowing our students to practice on you.  Not everyone is a good candidate for clinic/lab, based on health history.  Our classroom supervisors reserve the right to refuse service in the clinic/lab if we determine you are not a good candidate.  If you know that you have special needs, mobility issues and special considerations, please do not book in student clinic.  If you want to be considered, please call and talk with Audrey or Shelley for them to make the decision that is best for our students and you.  Our student clinic is downstairs and we do not have an elevator.  

In the student clinic, the work you receive is from a student represents what the students have learned to that point.  Our student lab experience is about the student, not the practice client.  Unfortunately, the student cannot take requests for specific work and you cannot request certain students or specify preferences. (If you want the ability to make special requests please call the professional practice with licensed therapists, 273.1260). 

In clinic, you can only book with a student therapist once during their enrollment.  These lab sessions are NOT private.  Although they take place in individual treatment room, the walls at the ceiling are open and the conversations can be overheard.  A supervisor will enter the treatment room at various times during the session, to observe and/or assist as needed. The cost of the clinic is $30 for a 1 hour massage - year round.

 More About our Student Clinic

We believe that after our students learn the techniques of massage therapy that will "make a good therapist", the students need the practice of working directly with the public.  This is the time to help the students to challenge their massage therapy techniques and also practice their customer service and business skills. 

Each student, in addition to learning massage therapy techniques, must also develop a solid business understanding and first class customer service skills.  Our clinic incorporates practicing to greet clients, perform an informative intake, listen to the client's expectations, rebook clients, manage a schedule and complete all the behind the scenes work that is involved in a private practice; such as laundry, restocking, and cleaning the treatment rooms. 

Throughout our Professional Massage Therapy Diploma Program, the students practice on each other in the classroom setting and they are expected to practice on friends and family outside of the classroom.  Once we complete a certain percentage of classroom techniques, it's time for the student to put their skills to the test, relying on all they have learned - and this is where the student clinic comes into the curriculum.

The clinic setting takes place in semi-private treatment rooms in our newly renovated basement of the Kneaded Energy building located at 321 W. Wendover Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27408.  Student clinic is accessed by stairs.  This is one of the many benefits of being surrounded by a successful private practice.  This opportunity gives each student a first hand working knowledge of working in a private practice, but with supervised assistance.  Being in a treatment room, versus the classroom, allows the student the ability to incorporate all aspects of being in a treatment room...but with a supervisor to ask.  They begin to think about simple remedies for what happens when the music stops, where are the tissues, where do I set my oil bottle, the client feels the room temperature is too cold, is there a pillow for their head.  These are real life situations our students find themselves, but being able to learn the art of multi-tasking in a session, of which they are supervised, makes them far better to address more serious situations that can occur during a treatment.

As the owners of a massage therapy school and a private practice, we have found that the actual massage therapy time is only a small portion of what it takes to make a successful massage therapy practice.  It is our belief, our commitment and our calling to help each new massage therapy student learn the full expectation of future employers and/or understand what is involved in making their own practice successful, if in the future they choose to open their own practice upon graduation. 

If you want to take advantage of our Student Clinic, please call the school office at 336.235.3997 mention "Student Clinic" and get your name, phone number and email address on our waiting list.