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Venus Rising Prenatal Massage 

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Venus Rising Prenatal Massage

with Sue Walker, LMBT

Venus Rising Prenatal Massage, The Beginning with Sue Walker

One of the fastest areas of growth in our profession is prenatal massage.  In record numbers, pregnant women are seeking qualified, confident and well trained practitioners to help relieve the most common discomforts of pregnancy.  Whether your interest is in prenatal massage as a specialty, or as an addition to your existing practice, you will benefit from the foundational skills this class offers.  As a prenatal practitioner of 15+ years, I can say with enthusiasm, there is no more grateful client than a pregnant woman!  In 'The Beginning' you will learn safe and effective massage techniques for both side-lying and semi reclining positions.  We will discuss special considerations and practice positioning for each trimester of pregnancy.  We will discuss anatomical changes, benefits and precautions///and so much more!  This class is lively and warm.  Come join us!


Venus Rising Prenatal Massage, The Next Step with Sue Walker

In 'The Next Step' prenatal practitioners will progress beyond comfort care.  We will discuss the high risk client and how best to work with them.  The focus of this class will be pain management.  We will continue with the practice of safe and effective techniques but with a greater emphasis on palpation skills and how to isolate tissues and wait for change.  This class is beneficial for practitioners that are experienced working with pregnancy and are interested in providing additional care to their clients.  If you are already in love with the work, and want to take it to the next level, this class provides the next step.  Come join us!

Sue Walker, LMBT is a certified practitioner in Prenatal Massage.  Sue has been teaching massage therapy for 15+ years and loves the teaching environment of the classroom.