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 History of Kneaded Energy® Professional Massage and 
the School of Massage by Kneaded Energy®

    * Bill is native of Whitesboro, Texas.  His background is in the food industry having graduated from the famed Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  Bill gave 20 years of service as a corporate executive chef.  Bill is also a graduate of the Body Therapy Institute where he trained as a massage therapist.

    * Shelley is a native of Wichita, Kansas.  She is a graduate of Friends University and the Body Therapy Institute.  Shelley built a 20 year career in corporate purchasing and outsourcing that provided her the opportunity for international travel.

Both found their way to massage therapy at the age of 40 for a career change.  They met in massage school at Body Therapy Institute in 1998. 

Kneaded Energy, Inc., was Established in 2000.  Bill Norman, LMBT NC 1601 and Shelley Johnson, LMBT NC 1619 are the co-creators of Kneaded Energy. 

They started their practice directly after graduating and worked 40+ hours a week to grow the business.  If they didn't have clients - they networked, they volunteered, they invited people to come get massage, they touched and introduced as many people to massage therapy as they possibly could.  They covered the phone into the evening, to make sure people were able to talk to a live person about massage, if they called.  They planned, studied and thought of their massage business the same way as every new successful business owner thinks of their business - 24/7.  This was their future and their income.  Slowly they got their name out...

Today, Kneaded Energy is a well known practice in Greensboro.  They are now open 7 days a week, 9 am-9 pm weekdays, 9-9 on Saturday and 12-8 on Sunday, serving Greensboro through massage therapy.  They employ 14 therapists. 

In 2002, State Street Center for Renewal was formed.  It is a community of like-minded, holistic practitioners, all under 1 roof.  Some of the modalities they offer include; every available modality in massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture, psychotherapy, energywork and skincare. 

2003 - Kneaded Energy began hiring therapists. In addition to clients, they have worked with the Greensboro Generals, Prowlers and the Ballet. KE has worked with members of the PGA Tour and Champions Tour and they served on the International Sports Massage Team for the 2004 Olympics in Athens Greece.

2005 - Kneaded Energy opened the National Massage Network, a nationwide chair massage management group.

2008 - Bill and Shelley, the owners of Kneaded Energy published their first book in a series titled "The Enviable Lifestyle" - Building a Successful Massage Therapy Practice.  Available at Amazon.com.

2009 - Kneaded Energy School of Massage was born.  As Guilford Technical Community College closed their program, it created energy for another school in Greensboro to offer option and diversity.  As Kneaded Energy School of Massage received their state approved status and opened their doors, the only other remaining school in the area closed. 

KESM teaches students massage therapy with some of the best practicing therapists in the field.  KESM is surrounded by a successful practice. 

The Kneaded Energy School of Massage program is part of the leading edge of thought and Bill and Shelley seek to grow, change and challenge the profession of massage therapy with technological advances while honoring the ancient hands-on modality and practice of massage therapy.

In late 2012, Bill and Shelley started Tiny Cat Holdings, LLC and purchased the building at 321 W. Wendover Avenue that now houses the practice of Kneaded Energy, the other practitioners of State Street Center and Kneaded Energy School of Massage.  This building purchase securely cements Kneaded Energy in the community.

In 2016, Bill and Shelley were awarded Small Business Persons of the Year.

Moving into mid 2017, the Kneaded Energy Professional Practice continues to grow and reach out to support the community.  Two of our licensed therapists, with Kinesiology backgrounds support the local runs.  Two of our licensed therapists teach in the school.  Two of our therapists offer Ashiatsu barefoot massage.  All of our therapists are well seasoned at critically thinking through your issues to devise a great treatment plan.  All can offer deep tissue, myofascial release, hot stone massage, prenatal, aromatherapy, reflexology and lymph drainage.  



Everyone at the Kneaded Energy companies are actively creating and writing the history of the school and the practice.  Each employee, student and client are a contributor to the reputation and integrity of our history and profession. 
We invite you to become part of this history.