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Meet Our Therapists

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Meet our Kneaded Energy Staff

Kneaded Energy therapists are professionally trained and state licensed.

Our massage therapists receive more actual, hands on, on-the-job training in the first 1000 hours of employment than most therapists receive in their entire private career.  This statement is based on the variety of situations that present themselves through our practice and the sheer volume of clients we serve.

Throughout each day, each therapist is exposed to many different aspects, requests, and experiences of massage, expanding their knowledge and experience level, far beyond what most private practices or spa services experience in massage therapy.

When you choose to receive a massage at Kneaded Energy, you are choosing a fully staffed private practice to deliver your session.  This becomes apparent by the array of staff to greet you at the desk, the management behind the scenes, the hours of availability, the sense of team and camaraderie, the assistance and wealth of information we can share with each session,  to the therapist that chooses to make their home here at Kneaded Energy.  You are welcome to ask for your therapist of choice or perhaps you would like to try a new pair of hands!

For this reason, Kneaded Energy prides itself on the fact that:
"We Grow Good Therapists."
(...and for some, once they reach this goal as a great therapist
they decide it's time to try their hand as a business owner.
It is sad for all of us, each and every time a therapist leaves
Kneaded Energy, but an inevitable part of the growth process and we're happy we helped.)


Meet our Business Manager

  Business Manager - Lesley Hobbs. 
Lesley is a graduate of Meredith College in psychology and business management and is currently enrolled in Elon's Graduate Business Program.  Lesley is the voice and face of Kneaded Energy in the business office and on the phone.  She manages the day-to-day business of Kneaded Energy.  

Meet Our Desk Staff

Our desk staff are also known as bus drivers for Kneaded Energy's practice. This fabulous group of women keep us on schedule, telling us where to work and when clients book on our schedule.  We depend on them to look out for dips and swerves in the road (schedule) and to get us to our final destination (a great, well paced, happy day.)  They are well versed on all the therapists, having received massage from each one of them before working the desk.  They also know about the school, student clinic the center, our ce classes and most anything else you throw at them.


Emily is our fulltime front desk Manager.  Emily works weekdays and Sundays to help create consistency with our staff.  She drives the bus for our therapists directing traffic, assigning rooms and keeping our therapist's on time, fed and efficient.  Emily, along with the other desk staff helps to create a fun, warm, team loving place to work.  Emily is our problem solver, is seldom without a smile and will go above and beyond a clients' expectation to find their answers, make appointments and/or a great solution.

Stephanie, longtime desk person.  Stephanie is a 2 time mother and our detailed critical thinker of issues and problems.  Stephanie is invaluable to us.  She is a quick learner and loves staying busy with projects.  Stephanie prides herself with her customer service skills.

Administration staff is hard to find, and Kneaded Energy is lucky to have some of the best!

We've added several recently to help with the influx of new clients:

Meet our Therapists
(bios and pictures of our therapists are on the appointment software,
which requires creating a profile and password)

Sarah D


The Owners

 Bill Norman, LMBT NC 1601 and Shelley Johnson, LMBT NC 1619 are the co-creators of Kneaded Energy.  

Bill is native of Texas and is the face of Kneaded Energy.  Bill worked for 20 years as a corporate executive chef, having trained at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), in Hyde Park, NY.   At 39 he found his way to massage therapy and met Shelley in massage school at Body Therapy Institute. 
Bill's massage specializes in working with chronic pain.  Bill's fulltime position is to manage the Kneaded Energy daily business operations and grow the National Massage Network division of Kneaded Energy that provides corporate chair massage nationwide.

Shelley is a native of Kansas and is behind the creative growth of Kneaded Energy.  She graduated from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas and worked 20 years in corporate purchasing and outsourcing for companies like Boeing Military Aircraft, Columbia University, Guilford Technical Community College and Thomas Bus.  Shelley graduated from Body Therapy Institute.  She turned 40 and wanted to live a gentler way of life.  She chose massage therapy, having considered it since her 20's.  Shelley specializes in rehabilitation massage but enjoys the importance of relaxation massage.  Shelley's fulltime concentration is to manage the staff, direct the school, market all divisions of the business and help direct future growth of the Kneaded Energy businesses.