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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:                Types of Massage

Question: What is the cost of a massage? Answer: Our Greensboro prices are listed below.  

  • 60 minute session is $90/hour.  
  • 60 min prepaid pkg of 5, $400 for the pkg.

  • 90 minute session is $115. 
  • 90 min prepaid pkg of 5, $525/pkg.

  • 30 minute session is $50. 
  • 30 min prepaid pkg of 5, $225 for the pkg.
  • Membership Fee = $0

Families and Friends are encouraged to share the package and package savings.

Packages never expire and there are NO stipulations as to when you have to use the sessions.

Gratuities are not included in the session price.  100% of the gratuity goes directly to the therapist.  If you feel you received exceptional service, a gratuity is appreciated.

    In addition to the massage in our office, we also offer off-site, outcall massage for traveling to home, hotels, bed and breakfast communities, conventions and companies.  We also manage a corporate chair massage program.  The prices for these services are as follows:

      • Off-site massage, also called outcall.  When we are expected to pack-out and provide massage table(s), the cost is $300 for a 60 minute session/per therapist, in Guilford County, plus a guaranteed 20% gratuity.  For 90 minute sessions, or couples, please call the office.  Credit cards will be processed before arriving.  After 9 pm, there is an additional 20% surcharge that goes directly to the therapist.  In addition, we always reserve the right to refuse service, especially where the safety of our therapists are in question. 
      • Off-site, outcall massage prices to the Proximity Hotel and the O.Henry Hotel, are set by the hotel and must be arranged through the concierge.
      • Off-site massage at locations where a professional massage table is already set-up and provided and we do not have to pack it out or carry it, OR for special populations that do not require a table or chair, the off-site cost is negotiable.
      • Corporate Chair/Table Massage is available in 5, 10, 15 or 30 minute increment per employee at $125 per hour/per therapist, for a minimum of 2 hours with no travel or service charge assessed.  Companies can: 1) choose to provide and pay for the massage or 2) they can provide the time and allow the employee to pay for the massage or 3) they can split the cost with the employee.

    Question: What takes place during a massage?  Answer: First, the client will complete an intake form and health history.  The client will also read our intention and sign an informed consent.  Second, the therapist will complete an interview with the client.  This time allows us to reveiw the intake form, discuss medical conditions, find out what the expectations of the client and what they are looking for in a massage and lastly, how they want to feel after the massage.  Then the therapist will explain what all will take place during the massage.  Third, the therapist will leave the room while the client undresses "to their level of comfort" and gets situated on the massage table, covered by the sheet. 

    NOTE: North Carolina licensed massage therapists are required to obtain current health history, written informed consent and to provide draping in a manner that ensures safety, comfort and privacy of the client. 

    During a Kneaded Energy massage (typically a full body massage) we work the back, shoulders, hips/gluts (through the sheet), legs...then the client turns over on the table, under the sheet, and then we work the front of the legs, feet, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head and face.  We undrape only the area we are working.  At Kneaded Energy all glut work will be complete through the sheet, unless the client requests something different.

    Question: Do I need to make an appointment? 
    Answer: Generally speaking, yes.  However, there are times that we are able to accommodate clients that walk-in without an appointment.  Most often, because of our full staff of therapists, you can make your appointment for the same day you call.

    Question: What is your cancellation policy? Answer: We require a 24 hour cancellation notice.  If you would like to change your appointment, please call us at 336-273-1260 no later than 24 hours prior to your appointment in order to avoid being charged for your appointment.  We try, in every circumstance to be understanding of how life can throw a curve ball. However, our revenue is directly tied to billable hours,   A large part of our success is the committed, exceptional therapists we employ.  What sets us apart from other practices and what gives us the ability to attract and retain great therapists is the way we compensate.  If you do not show up for your appointment, our therapist is still paid their full hourly salary. but they miss out on maximizing their potential earnings. 

    We like to use the analogy of food.  When you book a massage appointment with us, it is like booking a catering event (without the deposit.)  The room is reserved, the food is ordered and prepared, the staff are hired.  When you "don't show up", the room was still reserved, - but is not being used.  The linen was ordered and paid for, but not being used.  The therapist was scheduled and paid, but not working.   

    It is customary in the healthcare industry to enforce a 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid being charged for any service.  All "No Shows"  and "Last Minute Cancellations" are charged at full value.  We believe we  give you every opportunity to cancel your appointment in advance of 24 hours, including a reminder phone call the day before your appointment.  In the event you are working from a massage package, a single session can be deducted from your account.  With enough notice, we are able to release your room and the therapist and rebook the time slot.  If you miss an appointment without prior notification due to exceptional, emergency circumstances, feel free to discuss the matter with us.  Likewise, we make a similar promise to you.  If Kneaded Energy isn't able to give you at least 24 hours notice of our cancelling your appointment, you will not pay for the missed session and we will give you an additional free session.

    Question:  Can I choose my own therapist?  Answer: Yes, you can choose your therapist but you may have to wait for an appointment depending on the therapists' schedule, availability and popularity.  But if you need an appointment today, we can find an opening on someone's schedule.  You can also request your preference in male or female therapist.  Our philosophy at kneaded energy is to help you find your fit with the therapist and treatment style that best serves you.  You can choose to change therapists at anytime during your treatment plan, establish a primary therapist and/or utilize each therapist at different points in time during your relationship to kneaded energy.  We understand the need for consistency, change and spontaneity and we can be all of those things to you and more.  We want you to feel welcome to try any of us at kneaded energy.

    Question: What should I expect when I arrive for the first visit? 
    Answer: Someone from kneaded energy will greet you and ask you to complete some paperwork.  A North Carolina licensed massage therapist is required to inquire into the health history and current health status of each client and obtain written consent to before performing massage.

      Question: Where is Kneaded Energy located?
      Answer: We are located at 321 W. Wendover Avenue at the corner of Cridland and Wendover, right there at Latham Park.  We are in front of The Iron Hen restaurant, next to the Marathon Station that houses the Dunkin' Donuts and just on the outskirts of historic Fisher Park in Greensboro. 
      Parking is available in lots both in front and behind the center, or on the street.

      Question: Am I expected to tip my massage therapist?  Answer:  Tips are never expected, but always appreciated.  If you have received exceptional service and would like to show your appreciation to the therapist, the average tip ranges between 10-25%.  Our full-time massage therapists draw a base salary + commission, and are paid whether they have appointments or not.  This is very unusual in the massage community.  However, from the therapist's perspective, it is always nice to receive the compliment of a "thank you for good service" gratuity. If paying with a credit card or check, the tip can be added to the total.  The therapist will receive 100% of their tip, less required taxes.   If your therapist is scheduled to provide massage outside of the office, and is expected to load and carry a table, a gratuity is definitely expected and is required.  A 20% gratuity will automatically be added to your credit card bill for any outcall service. 


        Question: Do you accept group bookings?  Answer: YES!  Absolutely.  Contact Bill Norman or Lesley Hobbs to discuss your particular group's needs.  Groups of 15 or more will have an automatic service charge of 20% added to all services and a credit card can reserve the space.  This service charge covers the cost of coordination time and provide gratuity for therapists and technicians. We are also able to coordinate facial and skincare services from licensed aestheticians in addition to massage services.  And, if you desire acupuncture and/or chiropractic services, we can help to coordinate those services in conjunction with massage.

        Question: What do I need to bring for my session?  Answer: There could be instances, where you are instructed by a therapist to bring shorts and/or sports bra for the specific intention of including muscle activation, stretching, and/or joint mobilization in the pre-planned massage and bodywork session.  Otherwise, North Carolina licensed massage therapists are required to provide draping in a manner that ensures the safety, comfort and privacy of the client.

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