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Clinic Curriculum

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Student Clinic and Community Service are the parts of the course where students put massage therapy skills to the test, deepening their understanding of client/therapist relationship and incorporate their customer service skills and explore the basic components necessary for creating a successful professional practice. 

  • Focus on integration of all the skills and knowledge students are gaining from hands on classes, understanding of the sciences, processing all the professional development knowledge and skills
  • These are teaching clinics, supervised practicums that allow the student to practice from client greeting, intake sessions, massage time, check-out, payments and rescheduling, to finishing with resetting the treatment room.  It is in this time that the student will also practice making reminder calls and writing client thank you notes.
  • It is through student clinic and fieldwork that we introduce our students to a variety of settings.  They have the opportunity to work on athletes, runners, swimmers, Senior athletes, and dancers.  We take them to community races and walks.  They get to work on teachers and nurses during appreciation week and we even introduce them to furniture market opportunities. 

    Because our massage school was born from a successful massage therapy professional practice, we are able to introduce our students to a world of massage therapy that a sterile educational institution cannot begin to provide.  Our students get to watch first hand a successful massage practice, work back of the house on busy massage therapy days, rub elbows with some of the best massage therapists in town and ask real life questions to real life therapists as they advance through the program.  This is a priceless and invaluable asset Kneaded Energy School of Massage can provide our students.