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About National Massage Network

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Our Policy is YES...and we'll figure out the details.  

National Massage Network is dedicated to running a well oiled service business that offers massage therapy, stress relief and relaxation to the public.  We have dedicated our lives to providing quality massage therapy to the public for 10+ years. National Massage Network is managed by a team of practicing massage therapists who understand quality, service and professionalism and who have the proven track record for success in business.  Our business specialty is massage therapy.  We understand and appreciate the professional sensitivity and trust you are placing in our hands by asking us to provide a professional hands-on service for your business or customer that could have a direct impact to your bottom line.

National Massage Network, a division of Kneaded Energy®, is open 7 days a week (9am-9pm Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm Saturday and 12-8pm Sunday, EST) with email, internet and phone coverage.  You can reach us by phone at 336-273-1260.  Our company email is: kneadedenergy@aol.com.  If you call outside of these hours, we will retrieve your message and return your phone call. 

There is no event too large or too small. 
If you need massage, we can provide it.

Why offer Massage Therapy at a Large Event?
We encourage you to take advantage of the magnetism of massage.  Massage is a proven way to attract visitors to your special event, clients to your booth, attendees to your trade show or employees to your health screening.  Massage helps to improve focus, increase analytical function and decision making, all the while offering a relaxing environment that encourages conversation and open communication. There are 1000's of companies competing for your clients and their sales dollars.  Massage creates traffic, energy, excitement, crowds and appreciation.

For Convention Settings, we typically are provided a booth or separate designated space to set up our chairs and equipment.  Access to electrical is required in order to provide music and air movement. We use a specially designed portable massage chair of the highest quality. Chair massage does not require any disrobing or use of messy oils. Portable massage tables can be used in lieu of or in conjunction with massage chairs.

Having chair massage at your event creates the opportunity for:
continuous traffic, ALL DAY,
1-on-1 time with the visitors,
the ability to market with video loops, audio tracks and promotional material,
direct contact information for follow-up,
show that your company is progressive,
and demonstrate that your company seeks creative, cutting edge results.


Think about it. 
What makes more sense…
handing out costly disposable sales information,
expensive silly gadgets and gimmicks touting your logo
that will be thrown away after the event -
or capitalizing on a direct, captive audience,
every 10 minutes for the entire show? 

We promise you,
after walking a convention floor for hours, the leads will come to you! 
Volumes of attendees will line up at your booth. 
Make trade shows easy on yourself and attract a record
number of sales leads without any hassles.