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Professional Development Curriculum

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It is in our Professional Development classes that the essence of each student therapist begins to take root and develop.  Many of the students have life experiences and prior work history from which to draw upon as they define themselves in a new profession.  It is in this professional educational setting that their dreams begin to take on a life of their own.  Our professional development classes cover a range of classes including NC law, Professional Ethics, Somatics and Communications, Business and Marketing, and our personal integration class; Student Synthesis.  

  • Focus on developing professionalism in both ethics and communication skills.
  • Develop skills that support and maintain the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client, healthy boundaries, goal setting, treatment plans, documenting progress.
  • Define and reflect our core values as individuals within our educational community.
  • Focus on personal and practical necessities and the choices and obligations of the professional massage therapist.
  • Students learn a fundamental basics of business, budgeting, cost of business, tax preparation and then get to specialize in  either a business plan or an employment plan - or both.