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Hands On Curriculum

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It is in our Hands On, Massage Therapy classes that the students actually learn massage therapy techniques.  Initially, the students start by learning the 5 basic strokes of massage.  After perfecting these strokes, we teach the students how to combine them into a sequence that fulfills the expectations of a full body Swedish relaxation massage.  Once completing their practicum, students will be introduced to progressively more complex massage techniques, ending with student clinic and our signature Condition Specific course where student use all their newly gained knowledge to begin to learn and develop critical thinking skills to develop treatment plans specific to their clients needs and requirements.

  • Focus on practice – technique and body mechanics
  • Theory based on research and being clear about benefits, purpose and effects of techniques
  • Health and hygiene
  • Contraindications
  • Maximizes hands-on instruction
  • Advanced bodywork like deep tissue massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular techniques and managing specific conditions
  • Assessment, Biomechanics, Fascial Train concepts
  • Posture, Gait and Stance analysis
  • Extra modalities the student will be exposed to include introductions to:
    • aromatherapy
    • reflexology
    • hot stone massage
    • hydrotherapy
    • prenatal massage
    • energywork
    • eastern philosophy
    • cancer care
    • geriatric
    • working with special populations
    • sidelying
    • visceral massage
    • chair massage
    • sports massage
    • deep tissue
    • myofascial release
    • trigger point
    • neuromuscular therapy protocol
    • Condition Specific