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"Two people can get more done in one day than one person can do in three days!  They enliven and empower each other and work far more wisely and carefully than when you’re on your own.  Nothing makes work worse than being all alone.  Three working together are even better than two.  There’s safety in numbers – and there’s a lot to be said for a lot of people doing a little bit of work each. 

The lesson is in string and rope: one strand of string can easily be snapped when pulled under strain, and when you twine and twist and braid more and more strands together, you end up with a mighty rope capable of moving enormous objects." 

 Employment with the Kneaded Energy Companies

If you are interested in seeking employment with the Kneaded Energy Companies, please submit your resume and work history.  If we have openings and we employ you, we require a copy of current NC license, a copy of Art of Healing and proof of Professional Liability Insurance.  These can be mailed or dropped of at:  Kneaded Energy Business Office, 321 W. Wendover Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27408.  Please include a cover letter with a brief summary of why you believe you would be a good employee at Kneaded Energy.

Before submitting your application, here is some interesting information to know about Kneaded Energy. 

  • All employees are required to sign a position statement (employment agreement) and sign off on our company culture.  We want you to know what we believe in and we want to know that you can support those beliefs. 
  • We require each employee sign a no-compete clause while you are employed at Kneaded Energy.  You also cannot work on Kneaded Energy clients after leaving employment here.
  • We expect our therapists to be professional working adults who take responsibility for their contribution to the company, recognize their liability to the budget, their contribution to the bottom line, respect their coworkers, can provide unconditional positive regard to our clients and honors their work schedule. 
  • We pay our therapists an hourly fee, plus promo commission or massage commission (which is doubled for outcalls).  This allows us to provide you a paycheck throughout the year, despite the economy, the flu, or the annual cyclical pattern of massage.  We begin offering health insurance in 2015. 
  • For fulltime employees (40 hours a week/25 hours of massage), we provide up to 10 paid days a year and cover a portion of CE hours.
  • We provide uniforms, equipment, online scheduling, front desk personnel, business cards, in-house training and free massages. 
  • We require our therapists to work a shift that remains the same every week. 
  • Each therapist shares an "on-call" night during the week and rotate a weekend on-call schedule, which cycles around about every 6-8 weeks. 
  • Each therapist, in addition to the massage they provide, contributes to all the necessary tasks of running a successful massage practice from writing handwritten notes to our clients, to cleaning and stocking treatment rooms, to folding sheets out of the dryer. 
  • We expect all our therapists to be able to lift 30 pounds with ease to insure you are physically able to provide the massage our business requires and be able to carry massage tables or massage chairs to outcalls or events. 
  • Together our therapists contribute 1000's of hours of chair massage to the community every year. 
  • We are closed 3 holidays a year and the office is open 7 days a week. 
  • Most of our clients book evenings and weekends and 60% of our clients try booking same day.  All new therapists will be expected to work peak shifts.

As a group, we have a quota of massages to meet each week to achieve budget requirements and payroll, above and beyond that revenue number, we share the profits with our employees in some fashion. This may include food, gift cards, raises, extra paid time off, employee appreciation day and possibly paid CEs and team building.   If a single employee out performs the others and individually reaches his/her numbers for 1 month they are rewarded above and beyond their guaranteed compensation.

We provide our employees a variety of opportunities to offer massage therapy throughout the day and through exposure at our events.  While employed with Kneaded Energy you will advance your craft and skill at a much faster rate and in a much shorter amount of time compared to your fellow graduates.